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ComputerWZ [kuhm-pyoo-ter wĭz]


1. Someone who is dazzlingly skilled in the computer field.
2. Lee Dimmitt.


1995 internet domain creation by software contractor to create a permanent email address. Originally a play on words juxtaposing the term "Whiz Kid" with the license plate prefix "WZ" used in Routt county Colorado where he was remotely working and raising a family.



The Computer Wiz is usually a stock character, with a specific personality type. Traits tend to include: highly motivated, intelligent, goal orientated, mentally intimidating, knowledgable and confident.[1] The term "Computer Wiz" can apply to either an individual or a stereoptypical group of people. They are usually characterized as wearing glasses, somewhat overdressed or touting an unusual style than the rest of the group (this may include button-up shirts, suspenders, and gelled, parted hair or other, slightly dated, wear). The Computer Wiz usually has interests in books, science and technology, and more recently in the Internet. The Computer Wiz often takes pride in being smart, and often uses big words (sometimes to show off, or to confuse and manipulate other, less intelligent characters)[2]. The Computer Wiz usually uses his (or her) superior knowledge to help the main characters of a story accomplish some goal. A Computer Wiz can also be intended as an exceptionally talented and comparatively young person, (esp. a newcomer) who shows great promise in a particular field[3]. Often the Computer Wiz character is the hero's sidekick, but may also be the lead character or comic relief. Derogatory references may include: "geek" or "nerd".


  1. Although Lee Dimmitt is an adult, he often takes to amazing events with an almost childlike sense of awe. He also defies several of the stereotypes relating to the Computer Wiz character, such as wearing glasses and being nerdy. Or so he thinks.

  2. This can sometimes backfire on him (or her).

  3. The effects of time can undermine this tendency.


  1. A member of the 1974 graduating class of Thomas Jefferson High School in Denver, Colorado, Lee completes the accelerated math curriculum and finds himself taking a BASIC programming class using 110 baud teletype machines, accoustically coupled modems to connect the mainframe computer located downtown. He finds he "gets it" while many of his cohorts are baffled by this newfangled technology. Moreover, he likes it.

  2. He completes his Bachelor of Science degree in 1978 at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado in exactly 4 years, coincidently the exact length of time his parents offer to assist him with tuition. He majors in Computer Science allowing him not only to pursue his interest in programming but giving him extensive exposure to digital hardware as well. His High School jumpstart in programming enables him to pursue other interests such as Spanish, drafting and philosophy. His summers in the construction trade almost sideline him into a career of carpentry. His father talks him out of it insisting his body will wear out before his brain does. To this day, he thanks his father whenever he takes on a simple remodeling task and finds himself exhausted at the end of the day.

  3. He joins the corporate world in 1979 as a Field Engineer for Burroughs Corporation. Although he enjoys his work in the sometimes quizacle realm of computer malfunction and repair and he's certainly good at it, he feels unfulfilled dealing with broken stuff day in, day out, graveyard shifts and weekends too.

  4. Lee goes to work for Jim Wolf, who some call genius and others call madman, designing custom electronic projects for customers with brilliant ideas but no means of bringing them to fruition. He's happy creating, dealing with customers and managing what eventually turns into a 10-man (and/or woman) design team. He's controlling hardware by burning bits into UV erasable ROM chips and making it disapear with the flash of a blue light. He sees his first PC made by IBM and marvels at the small 5 1/2" floppy disks and the huge 10 megabyte hard drive. He often laughs to think of how far we've come.

  5. Lee goes off to work for other companies, on other projects, sometimes going back to previous employers because he's very project oriented and sometimes we have to move on. He goes to work for a medical electronics company and finds it very fulfilling to work in a field that is helping people. He also becomes very disillusioned when he finds his altruistic industry is also all about money, but he finds money very useful and helping people more fulfilling than hurting people.

  6. Lee married Dawn in 1987 and they have son Kyle in 1990. (Lee and Dawn divorce in 2004 so Lee probably shouldn't say anything more about Dawn, except to say they remain good friends.)

  7. In 1989, Lee becomes involved in the redesign of an Infrared surveying machine being converted to a laser based surverying machine. Lee likes lasers. Lee likes surveying. Lee completes electronic redesigner but inventor is unable to make device work with laser. IRS seizes inventor's assets. A pair of entreprenuers from Butte, Montana purchase seized assets and set up shop in Butte. They offer Lee a golden parachute to transfer to Butte. Lee and others learn more than they ever wanted to know about the effects of scintilation on lasers. Lee learns parachutes can have holes in them. Lee moves back to Denver. Lee hates lasers.

  8. Lee returns to the medical electronics field, receiving a job offer literally as he arrived back in Denver with his U-Haul. Lee and Dawn liked Montana. They used to like Denver. They used to call it a cowtown. Denver didn't like being a cowtown and seemed to change in their absence. There used to be gang shootings in Denver before they moved, but they were always in a specific area of town. Now they were happening right down the street. Police in LA were rumored to put gang members on buses to Denver to avoid prosecution. Increased gang activity in the public schools indicated the rumors might be true. Kyle was getting ready to start school. Lee and Dawn didn't want Kyle to go to school in Denver. Lee and Dawn didn't want to live in Denver any more and wanted to return to the small town life they enjoyed in Butte.

  9. Lee started contracting. Lee started working at home a day or two a week. He was very effective at home. His employers were very happy with his productivity and let him work more and more off site. He decided he'd like to live in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and put his house on the market. He got an offer on his house. He asked his employer how he'd feel about him working mainly off-site. His employer was concerned. Lee addressed his concerns and they gave it a try. Lee's employer was still happy with his productivity and subsequently contracted him for additional projects. Lee and Dawn and Kyle moved to Oak Creek, Colorado where they bought a ranch on 40 acres with the Yampa River running through it and detached office for half of what they could have bought a place for in $teamboat $prings.

  10. Lee juggled many contracts and enjoyed being a Lone Eagle. Kyle was able to attend the same school system for 12 years, unlike his father the Air Force brat who was dragged from school to school while growing up. When Kyle went off to college at CSU, following in his father's footsteps, Lee got tired of being single, living in a small town. Lee wants to move to Arizona, he continues to do contract programming.

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