World Travels

How Did I Get Here?

Born an Air Force brat I got dragged around the country kicking and screaming. Every time I'd make new friends it was time to pick up and move again. Well, I guess it stuck, I learned how to reach my hand out and introduce myself. I guess it must've stuck because once we settled down in Colorado, I kept going. So I figured this would be a good place to put all those memories I've collected, pictures I've taken and movies I've made.

Things I've Seen

- Born in Louisiana but left before I was a year old. - Moved to Plattsburg, New York and lived there for 5 years. I remember it was cold. Really cold. I remember my dad towing us around the neighborhood on our sleds. I'm sure he'd go to jail for child abuse now. - Then my dad got transferred to Hawaii during the Apollo missions. I was in elementary school where we didn't even have to wear shoes to school. We wore shoes 1 hour a week. To church. Under duress. From there my dad retired in Colorado. Even though we settled down, I got bumped among school districts as the growing city restructured its boundaries and build new schools.

The Places I've Been

My first foreign trip was to Hermosillo, Mexico. I was 16 and dating a foreign exchange student from Japan. Her mom invited me to bring a friend along and we drove through New Mexico and Arizona. First time I saw the Grand Canyon and the Petrified Forest. At 25, my younger brother and I decided to take up Scuba Diving and we got our Open Water certification in Cozumel. That was when an airline ticket was as good as gold and we went for a week but stayed for 3 exploring the Mexican Riviera from Cancun to Tulum by bus. I loved that area and took 2 trips back with other friends, staying in cinder block bungalows and thatched roof palapas in the days before All Inclusive Resorts.